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Dr. Lori Handrahan's Ph.D. is from London School of Economics. She holds over twenty years of practitioner work, in Central Asia, Asia, Africa and the Balkans, focused on gender-based violence, international human rights, humanitarian response, conflict and post-conflict environments, masculinities and men/boys in development and violence, and gender within UN reform and organizational change. She has served as a UN consultant for UNFPA, UNDP, OCHA, UNHCR and UNICEF. She was UNHCR's first gender expert in emergency operations in Chad during the Darfur genocide and Regional Gender Advisor for UNHCR in The Balkans. She was lead researcher for CARE's Girls' Leadership Assessment in Yemen, UNFPA's Gender-Based Violence Information Management System pilot in Uganda, and OCHA's Gender Review. Dr. Handrahan's first book, Gendering Ethnicity, was published by Routledge in 2001. She is published in peer-review journals such as The International Feminist Journal of Politics and Security Dialogue, has been a guest on CNN, FOX News, CTV and VOA with Op-eds in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post and Fox News Opinion.

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